Our Vision as Jesus-followers
The vision of Iotla Baptist Church is based on the words of our Lord Jesus Christ that we should “make disciples.”  Our dream is that through our ministries men, women, boys, and girls might come to have an intimate, personal knowledge of God through His Son, Jesus Christ.20150317_093637_resized_1
The word “disciple” refers to someone who is a “learner,” that is, someone who is daily learning more about their Creator, more about themselves, more about what God has promised them and expects from them, and more about the world around them.
Our vision here at Iotla is not only to invite people to embrace the same faith we share, that is, faith in the living Savior, Jesus Christ, which makes life worth living and promises eternal life beyond this one, but also to invite people to begin the journey of a disciple-learner and to follow Jesus wherever He may lead them.
In our worship, in our ministries, in our fellowship together, and in the missions we choose to support, it is our purpose to help people become life-long followers of Jesus.  This is why here at Iotla we put emphasis on worship that is heart-centered and genuine, Bible study that deepens our understanding of what the Bible is, of what it teaches, and of how we might apply it to daily living, and the ministry that we receive from God and also share with one another.
We invite you to come and join us as we discover Jesus together, as we seek to honor God the Father in worship and service, and as we strive to live daily in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Come and join us as we all follow Jesus wherever He may lead us!