Our JOY Group
JOY 3As much as we love children and youth, we equally love our senior adults! 
This so-called “striver” generation is a group of people who know what it takes to serve the Lord faithfully, and they are also the largest age group at Iotla. 
Like others of their generation in other churches, the members of our senior adults exemplify a profound devotion to Jesus and to their church.  Our senior adults are our models, our examples, and the ones who have led the way for the rest of us in following Jesus.
Although our seniors are very active in every aspect of our ministry at Iotla, one ministry that we very much enjoy is the JOY Club.  JOY is an acronym for “Just Older Youth” and this is true of many in our group.  They are “just older youth” in their hearts and in their abundance of activity.
Our JOY Group is led by Barbara Wilson and Evelyn Houston, and they have a full slate of events planned for the remainder of 2017.
The seniors here at Iotla are very active.  They engage in missions work, carry out a number of service projects in our community, and support their families with their time, talents, and experience.  Several of our JOY Group members are also part of the “Sew’n Sews.”Lucy Evans
Our JOY group takes trips to regional sites, such as Hillside Orchard Farms in Tiger, Georgia and the Bush Beans Visitor Center in Dandridge, Tennessee. 
We also have an annual Veteran’s Day Luncheon, a Valentine’s Day Banquet, and a Christmas Dinner together.  Some of our JOY activities are on the church campus, while others may involve a drive, but we enjoy being together and sharing the fellowship of faith with one another. 
JOY Group members also enjoy worship opportunities, Gospel music events, games, and shopping.  We have been on a Scavenger Hunt in downtown Franklin, tried out the cuisine at several restaurants, and enjoyed shops both local and regional.JOY Club 3
There is a wealth of energy and experience among the members of our JOY Group and we would love to have you join us!  If you are age 50 and up then you are considered a member, so come on out and join us on our next excursion. 
For more details, please visit our contact page or our events page for any up coming JOY Group events that have been planned.  Also, if you are already active with the JOY Group, be sure to invite your neighbors to come and be a part of the fun.