Macon Baptist Association
Participating in the life of a local Baptist church is about more than just doing what we do right here on our church campus, for ministry happens both on campus and off.  As a Baptist congregation, Iotla participates in a larger family of believers through the Macon Baptist Association.
The Macon Baptist Association is a body of 46 churches who work together to represent Jesus to our region.  Activities we support in cooperation with our local association include mission trips both around the country and around the world, ministries for the local traveling carnival in May of each year, prayer walking events, and opportunities to use our gifts in a variety of ways.
The Macon Association partners with other ministries around the state of North Carolina that allow interested persons to participate in handyman projects, construction projects, children’s ministries, women’s ministries, senior adult ministries, agricultural ministries, and many others.  There are also several events planned to help support the work and programs of our local churches and to help train leaders.
Under the able leadership of our Director of Missions, Gary Holland, the Macon Baptist Association is looking forward to the future and striving to honor Jesus Christ and serve people in his name.  If you are interested in more details about our association, you may visit them on the web or call their office at 828-524-3215.