Music Ministries
Music is an important form of expression, especially in faith and worship.  Our church is thankful to God for our choir and accompanists, who give of themselves faithfully in order to help us do the work of ministry faithfully and consistently.  It takes time and talent to have an effective music ministry and we have both here at
At present, we have two choirs, a Sanctuary Choir that leads us in our weekly Sunday Morning Worship, and a Children’s Choir that meets on Wednesday nights and then sings from time to time. 
Our current Sanctuary Choir Director is Sharon Bennett, and our Children’s Choir Directors are Amber Engert and Kim Moran.  They are supported in their ministry by two regular accompanists:  Elizabeth Hall, who plays our Piano, and Linda Tippett, who plays our Organ.  We have several back-up accompanists should we need someone.
Participants in our Music Ministries also work closely with our audio-visual team, who oversee the sound and video support.  There are also several members of Iotla who are talented vocalists and sing solos, or participate in ensembles.  From time to time, we also welcome Gospel Music groups to sing for our services, or as part of an outdoor music event, such as our “Gospel Music Jubilee.”  If you enjoy singing, or if you play an instrument, we would enjoy finding a place where you can use your gift for your Lord.  Please contact us and let us know how you might like to serve.