What to Expect When You Arrive
What you may expect to find when you attend our regular services and other activities will depend upon when you choose to come. 
If you join us for our Sunday Morning Worship, which is held weekly at 11:00 a.m., you will find that our place of worship is warm and comfortable.  We have pews instead of chairs, so worshipers may sit next to one another.20150317_093350_resized_1
In the language of the 21st century church, our approach to worship is “Traditional.”  Most of our music is made up of hymns and anthems, but we have an occasional contemporary song.  We also offer opportunities for talented individuals to play instruments. 
We don’t have any official “dress code,” so you will find that some worshipers dress casually, while others choose to dress in a tie and coat because that is what makes them most comfortable.  You are invited to come dressed however you feel most comfortable.  Whatever you choose, you will no doubt find others dressed the same way.
Our choir wears their robes on special occasions. We read the Bible from the King James Version, but also use other contemporary translations from time to time.  Hymnals and copies of the KJV Bible are available in the pews, but you are invited to bring along your own copy of the God’s written Word.
Our sanctuary is also equipped with video screens on which we project announcements prior to our service, as well as the words for our hymns and the Scripture Readings in the translation that has been chosen for that day. 
If you attend a Sunday Evening Worship, you will find that the crowd is smaller and the atmosphere distinctly informal, even though we still meet in the sanctuary.  However, you will discover that we do not have a “worship service,” as such.  Instead, we take Sunday evenings as opportunities to engage in a focused study of a particular Bible passage, typically in a verse-by-verse fashion. 
20150317_093150_resizedThose who choose to join us on Wednesday Evenings will want to come by 5:30 p.m. so that they will be here in our fellowship hall in time to participate in our Midweek Fellowship Supper. 
We announce the menu for the Midweek Supper on Sunday mornings, or you may contact us for the details.  There is no charge for the Midweek Supper, but we do put out a donation jar into which our members place gifts to help defray the cost of food. 
Our Midweek Supper cooking team does a wonderful job with every meal and we are blessed to have them!  Following supper at 6:15 p.m. we have activities for adults, youth, and children.  For more information on these activities, see our ministries page or contact us.  Whatever occasion you wish to come, please know that you will be receive a hearty WELCOME!