Youth Ministries
Youth 1Iotla Baptist Church cares about our youth!  We have a place for youth in all of our weekly activities, but we also give special attention to our young people through our youth emphasis ministry, which is under the capable leadership of our Youth Director, Tony Ledford, together with the support of our Youth Activities Team.
Our desire as a church is to see that our young people are given guidance, compassion, and love, and to help them come to know and experience Jesus in their personal lives.  Our youth also enjoy the company of friends and the intergenerational participation with the church family through our youth ministries.
Our youth ministries include Bible study every Wednesday Evening, following the Midweek Supper, mission projects that give our young people the chance to look beyond themselves and serve others in Jesus’ name, and group building activities, both on and off campus, that help them grow spiritually, emotionally, and socially. 
Here at Iotla, we understand that we are all “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and we want every young person to be reminded that they are a unique creation of the hand of God.  We strive to help them in the journey of discovering their own personal spiritual gifts and exploring opportunities to use those gifts.  We try to involve them in the world of the entire church as well.Youth 2
Although many churches strive to have a multi-generational ministry, where each age group has a complete, almost self-contained ministry for their age, Iotla is just the right size to have an inter-generational ministry that brings older adults, median adults, youth, and children together into a single whole.  We work to cooperate together to help one another deepen their faith in Jesus and continue the journey of being life-long disciples of Jesus, and we enjoy doing this across generational lines.
This summer our youth are planning to go to Cincinnati, Ohio as part of a P2 Missions Team.  We are grateful to God for these young people, and very proud of their continued growth on the spiritual journey.  If you would like more information on our youth ministries, be sure to contact us.